2016-6-17 Issue 2

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Food For Thought: Money Monster • By Margaret Poindexter
The Sunny Side of Judging: Arrr! • By Michael H. Faulkner 
The Weekly Question • By Matthew H. Stander
My Tribute To ‘Tommy O’ • By Sandy D’Andrea
A Show Chair Speaks: Why Bother??? • By Honi Reisman
Bests of the Week
Views From A Delegate And Other Topics • By Johnny Shoemaker
C.A.T.S. The Canine Airport Therapy Squad • By Ronald V. Horn
Admiral Richard Byrd’s Dogs (The Alaskan Malamute) • By MJ Nelson
The Buzz From Britain • By Geoff Corish
Czech Sennenhund Show • By Cathy Cooper
Nobody Asked Me, But… • By Matthew H. Stander
The Judge ‘Marx’ The Spot: Changing Culture • By Sid Marx
Irresistible In Indiana: The 73rd Annual American Boxer Club Specialty • By Stephanie Abraham
American Shetland Sheepdog Association National Specialty • By Hector and Meredith Hector
The Gossip Column • By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
Click: Greenwich & Longshore-Southport Kennel Clubs • By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
Click: Woofstock 2016 • By Remy Smith-Lewis
The Way We Were • By Leslie Simis
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2016-6-10 Issue 1

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Vol. 1 Issue 1 cover


“From Inside The Sport: Marathon Dog Shows” By Pat Trotter
“reFLYCKTions: The Gift Horse And Its Mouth” By Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
“The Way I See It: Crossbreeds and Kennel Clubs” By Ronnie Irving
“The Pekingese And Women’s Freedom” By Nick Waters
“Mobility, Agility, Ability” By Sharon Anderson
“Temporarily Out Of Service” By Carlotta Cooper
“Vet Advice” By Merry Fitzgerald, DVM
“Mya’s Tale Of Hope” By Kahla Ennis and Sue M. Copeland
“New Parvo Outpatient Treatment Protocol Drastically Reduce
     The Cost Of Veterinary Care” By Sharon Pflaumer
“Fancy Talk: I’m Amazed” By Frank Murphy


"The Gossip Column" By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
"Nobody Asked Me But…" By Matthew H. Stander
"Food For Thought" By Margaret Poindexter
"The Weekly Question" By Matthew H. Stander
"Best Of The Week"
"Ten Quick Questions Asked Of Luc Boileau" By Matthew H. Stander
"DNMagazine’s Top 20 Dogs All Breeds"
"Braces Bits And Pieces" By Andrew Brace
"The DNMagazine Top Ten List-All Breeds"
"Uncollared: New AKC Position Statements
    Reflect Recent Studies And Laws" By Shaun Coen
"The Road To Florida: The American Pointer
    Club 2016 National Specialty" By Susan London
"Chattanooga Chow Chow: The 2016 Chow Chow National Specialty" By Love Banghart
"The Gossip Column" By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
"Click: Shasta Kennel Club and Mike Stone’s Bar-B-Que" By Remy Smith-Lewis
"The Way We Were" By Kim Langlands