2018-12-7 Volume 3 Issue 48

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10 Editorial
14 From Inside The Sport: The Global Dog Show World BY PAT TROTTER
18 The Legal Beagle Speaks: What Do You Mean No Dogs Allowed? Zoning Laws And Your Breeding Program BY VINCENT INDEGLIA
22 The Weekly Question BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
26 reFLYCKTions: Judging To The Standard...Is It At All Possible? BY GEIR FLYCKT-PEDERSEN
30 How I See It: The Year 2018 In The UK BY RONNIE IRVING
34 Bests Of The Week
38 Brace’s Bits And Pieces: The Changing Face Of The Purebred Dog World BY ANDREW BRACE
42 Candles, Cakes And Cards BY NICK WATERS
44 Loving Dog Shows, Stealing Nuns, Lying Government Officials, Etc. BY BO BENGTSON
48 Flaim On!: Time Warp BY DENISE FLAIM
64 Wonderful Moments With The Pee Wees And How To Make It Fun And A Roaring Success BY JENNY COOMIER & JOHNNY SHOEMAKER
68 The Judge Marx The Spot: Owner Handlers BY SID MARX
72 The Dalai Lama’s Dog: The Lhasa Apso BY M.J. NELSON
76 Who Benefits From This Anyway? I’m Just Askin! BY ALICE LAWRENCE
84 Nobody Asked Me, But... An Unusual Dog Christmas Gift, The DQ Debate & More BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
136 Buongiorno, Italia: The Insubria Winner Show BY YOSSI GUY
160 Letters To The Editor
170 The Gossip Column BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS
172 Click: Golden Valley & San Joaquin Kennel Clubs BY REMY SMITH-LEWIS
174 Handlers Directory
176 Click: Winter Wonderland Cluster BY BLAKE HANSEN
178 Classified Advertising
179 Advertising & Subscription Rates