2018-9-14 Volume 3 Issue 36

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10 Editorial
14 From Inside The Sport: Are Records Made To Be Broken? BY PAT TROTTER
18 Vet Advice: Bone Cancer vs. Bone Cysts & Immunotherapy BY MERRY FITZGERALD, DVM
22 The Weekly Question BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
26 Mark My Words: The Days Of Our Lives BY MARK THRELFALL
30 Dog Show Attitudes: Don’t Force It BY KELLY LYN MARQUIS, PHA, AKC RHP
34 Bests Of The Week
38 Nobody Asked Me, But...Whadda Party, 1 Plus 1 = Judge Judy, Bridgewater & More BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
40 The Santa Barbara Weekend August 24-27, 2018 BY DESMOND J. MURPHY
52 The Havanese National Specialty BY JOAN AMBROSE
60 Firmly Planted: Intentions BY CATHY DOUGHERTY
62 The Gossip Column BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS
64 Click: Westchester Kennel Club BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS & CHRIS KING
68 Click: Take The Lead 25th Anniversary Party BY BLAKE HANSEN
71 Letters To The Editor
72 The Way We Were BY TONI SOSNOFF
74 Handlers Directory
76 Classified Advertising
78 Advertising & Subscription Rates