2018-6-22 Volume 3 Issue 24

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10 Editorial
14 Views From A Delegate & Other Topics:
Going Back To The '6Os At Woofstock And Waking Up To Reality
At The Delegate Meeting And Loving The Pee Wee Event BY JOHNNY SHOEMAKER
18 Agility Ability BY SHARON ANDERSON
22 The Weekly Question BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
26 My Setter Doesn't Hunt Badgers
And Other Inaccurate Dog Breed Information Found Online Today BY CARLOTTA COOPER
30 The Judge Marx The Spot: What Is A Breeder-Judge? BY SID MARX
34 Bests Of The Week
38 The British Scene BY GEOFF CORISH
42 The Dog News Top 100 Dogs
44 Great Times In Tuscon!: The 2018 Bichon Frise National Specialty BY CAROL FELLBAUM & JOANNE RUBIN
48 The Dog News Top 10 Dogs In Each Group
52 Nobody Asked Me But:
Dog Show Venues And Event Operations, Length Of Shows And More BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
54 The Dog News Top Ten List • All Breed
66 The AKC Museum Of The Dog: Relocates To Its Original Home Of NYC BY BRANDI T. HUNTER
89 Calling All Dog Fanciers: Your Action Is Needed Now BY PATTI STRAND
108 The Gossip Column BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS
112 Click: Tampa Cluster BY BLAKE HANSEN
122 Handlers Directory
126 Classified Advertising
129 Advertising & Subscription Rates