2018-4-20 Volume 3 Issue 15

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10 Editorial
14 From Inside The Sport:
What Do Breeders Really Expect From Judges? - BY PAT TROTTER 
18 How I See It: The UK Judges' Competency  - BY RONNIE IRVING 
22 The Weekly Question - BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
26 Vet Advice: Nail Infections & Hip Dysplasia - BY MERRY FITZGERALD, DVM
30 Is Our Message Being Heard? - BY CARLOTTA COOPER
34 Bests Of The Week
38 Innovative Studies Aim To Better Understand Epilepsy: AKC CHF Funds Epilepsy Research Initiative - BY BARBARA FAWVER
42 Dog News Magazine's Top 100 Dogs
46 Dog News Magazine's Top 10 Dogs In Group
52 Dog News Magazine's Top 10 List • All Breed
58 Nobody Asked Me, But: AKC Strengths And Weaknesses, Marketing And Such And More - BY MATTHEW H. STANDER
Photos of by Potomac Valley Labrador Retriever Club by JC Photography
64 Size Doesn't Matter! When It Comes To Art, It's The Interpretation That Counts - BY NICK WATERS
78 The Gossip Column - BY EUGENE Z. ZAPHIRIS
88 Click: Nor Cal Terrier & Sacramento Kennel Club - BY REMY SMITH-LEWIS
92 The Way We Were - BY PHOEBE BOOTH
94 Handlers Directory
96 Classified Advertising