2018-3-2 Volume 3 Issue 8

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10 Editorial
14 Brace's Bits And Pieces: Time To Return To A Stockman Mentality? • By Andrew Brace 
18 reFLYCKTions: Afterthoughts ...  • By Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
22 The Weekly Question • By Matthew H. Stander
26 The Sunnier Side Of Judging: Man-In-Chair • By Michael H. Faulkner
34 Bests of the Week
38 Do Judges Make Mistakes?  • By Kitty Steidel
46 Garden Of Delight: The 142nd Annual Westminster Kennel Club • By Desmond J. Murphy
48 USDA Third· Party Confusion  • By Carlotta Cooper
49 Purina Pro Plan ShowDogs Of The Year Awards Winners In Partnership With DN Dog News Magazine 
52 Therio ... What? It's Theriogenolgy, The Branch Of Medicine That Deals With Reproduction • By Sue M. Copeland
56 Rare Breeds Of The World: Georgia Mountain Dog - Georgia (Sakartvelo) • By Agnes Buchwald
60 A Wolf In A Lamb Suit: The Bedlington Terrier • By M.J. Nelson
64 Nobody Asked Me, But ... The Upcoming Elections, Two Shows In A Day And More • By Matthew H. Stander
82 In Like Flynn: The 2018 Westminster Kennel Club • Photo Essay By Chet Jezierski
128 The Gossip Column • By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
130 Click: Purina Pro Plan Showdogs Of The Year Awards In Partnership With DN Dog News Magazine • By Natural Expressions NY
132 News From The U.K.
134 Click: Take The Lead At Westminster After-Party • By Gareen Shay
136 The Way We Were • By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
138 Handlers Directory
140 Classified Advertising
141 Advertising & Subscription Rates