2017-8-18 Volume 2 Issue 32

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10 Editorial
14 How I See It: Different Interpretations By Ronnie Irving
18 The Lighter Side Of Judging: Super Hero! By Michael H. Faulkner
22 The Weekly Question By Matthew H. Stander
26 Your Dogs Are Not “Contraband” By Carlotta Cooper
30 Rare Breeds Of The World: Armant - Egypt By Agnes Buchwald
34 Bests of the Week
38 Captivating Hounds And Outstanding Bunny Hunters: The Basset Hound By M.J. Nelson
40 DN Dog News Magazine’s Top 20 Dogs All-Breeds
42 Nobody Asked Me, But... By Matthew H. Stander
52 DN Dog News Magazine’s Top 10 List - All-Breeds
100 The Gossip Column By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
102 Click: Canfield OH Shows By Turley Photography
106 The Way We Were By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
110 Letters To The Editor
112 Handlers Directory
114 Classified Advertising
116 Advertising & Subscription Rates