2017-6-2 Volume 2 Issue 21

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10 Editorial

14 The Sunnier Side of Judging: Yo, Ho, Ho! By Michael H. Faulkner

18 reFLYCKTions: Honesty—Yes, But How And When? By Geir Flyckt-Pedersen

22 The Weekly Question By Matthew H. Stander

26 How I See It: TKC Annual Meeting By Ronnie Irving

30 The Judge Marx The Spot: Nasty Judges By Sid Marx

34 Bests of the Week

38 Winners of Europe’s Most Prestigious Veterinary Awards By Laura Quickfall

40 A Look At William F. Stifel: AKC President 1978-1987 By Karl M. Stearns

42 Vet Advice: Border Collie Collapse & Vitamin C By Merry Fitzgerald, DVM

44 The Greatest Poodle Show On Earth: 2017 Poodle Club of America By Mary Ellen Fishler

48 Poodle Club of America: 85th National Specialty By Desmond J. Murphy

58 Nobody Asked Me, But.. By Matthew H. Stander

64 Sporting Art In Edinbugh By Nick Waters

72 Cute And They Know It: The Bichon Frise By MJ Nelson

80 Rare Breeds Of The World: The Pumi By Agnes Buchwald

84 Letters To The Editor

86 The Gossip Column By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

90 Click: The Mission Circuit By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

92 Handlers Directory

94 The Way We Were By Eugene Z. Zaphiris

96 Classified Advertising

98 Advertising & Subscription Rates