2016-9-2 Issue 13

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10 Editorial
14 Tell It Like It Is: Guidelines For All By Sari Brewster Tietjen
18 From Inside The Sport: Entry Closing Time By Pat Trotter
22 The Weekly Question By Matthew H. Stander
26 Brace’s Bits And Pieces: Handlers And Handling In European Spotlight By Andrew Brace
30 Clear The Shelters By Carlotta Cooper
34 Bests of the Week
38 The Judge Marx The Spot: Specialties Or All-Breed? By Six Marx
42 Noise Anxiety in Dogs By Sharon Pflaumer
44 Vet Advice: Stress, Ringworm & Raw Vegetables By Merry Fitzgerald, DVM
48 AKC Canine College: Where Is It? Where Do We Stand? Where Is It Going? By J. Charles Garvin, MD
52 Bred By Exhibitor Challenge In Memory of Loraine Meyer By Delores Burkholder and Brian & Cindy Meyer
54 Fun Was The Word: Havanese National Specialty By Joan Ambrose
60 Nobody Asked Me, But... By Matthew H. Stander
62 Crufts International Junior Handling Competition By Yossi Guy
78 The Gossip Column By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
80 Click: Santa Barbara Kennel Club By Julie L. Mueller and Gareen Bass
83 Handlers Directory
84 The Way We Were By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
86 Letters To The Editor
88 Classified Advertising
89 Advertising & Subscription Rates