2016-7-29 Issue 8

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10 Editorial
14 reFLYCKTions: Seclusion The Solution? By Geir Flyckt-Pedersen
18 Brace’s Bits And Pieces: Don’t Cry For Me, It’s SICALAM Time In Argentina By Andrew Brace
22 The Weekly Question By Matthew H. Stander
26 Remembering Barbara Worcester Keenan By Bill McFadden
30 Fancy Talk: He Just Wanted To Be With Me By Frank Murphy
34 Bests of the Week
38 How I See It: Does Size Matter? By Ronnie Irving
42 DNMagazine’s Top Twenty Dogs All-Breeds
44 Nobody Asked Me, But... By Matthew H. Stander
48 The DNMagazine Top Ten List - All-Breeds
52 HSUS Is Back For More By Carlotta Cooper
54 The Dog Collar Museum By Sharon Pflaumer
66 Houston World Series of Dog Shows July 2016 By Lorna Hastings
96 Luxembourg 2016 By Karl Donvil
110 The Gossip Column By Eugene Z. Zaphiris
112 Click: World Dog Show In Moscow By Karl Donvil
114 Letters To The Editor
116 The Way We Were By Paddy Spear
118 Handlers Directory
120 Advertising & Subscription Rates
121 Classified Advertising